Simplify your life in the kitchen with measuring cups

Mixing and weighing ingredients is probably one of the most important steps in baking. In fact, some types of dough require a certain mixing ratio for success. To get the taste, appearance and consistency right in the end, you also need the right baking accessories, such as a set of measuring cups to determine the right amounts of ingredients.

Different sizes for different amounts

A measuring cup set consists of several cups of different volumes. The measuring cup set can be a great help, especially when you want to process different quantities of ingredients. The measuring cup set simplifies the reading of the filled quantities, especially since the enclosed measuring scales are also oriented to the size of the individual measuring cups and thus allow exact values to be determined. It therefore makes more sense to fill small quantities into a small dosing can than to use a dosing cup. Because this small quantity may be difficult to measure in an oversized measuring box from a set of measuring cups and must then be estimated approximately.

Measuring cup set sometimes equipped with many scales

Measuring cups are numerous and therefore measuring cup sets are also composed differently. The market is usually dominated by larger, transparent plastic cups or small sets of measuring spoons, also made of plastic or metal. A measuring cup set consisting of several large containers is ideal for weighing and measuring liquids such as milk or water. Especially since corresponding measuring scales are also mandatory in this case. But on closer inspection, you may discover more than just the milliliter scale. Especially for ingredients frequently used in baking, such as sugar or flour, you will increasingly find measurements printed on the measuring cup set. And friends of American recipes won't be left out either. You'll increasingly see measuring scales with American units of measurement such as ounces, pints or cups, which are used for recipes in the Anglo-American language area.

Measuring spoons in the measuring cup set for very small quantities

The same applies to a small measuring cup set, which is more of a compilation of small measuring spoons. Only on a much smaller scale. With a measuring spoon from a measuring cup set, you sometimes don't even need to read values. Here, the total capacity is already predetermined and often corresponds to a value frequently used in recipes. Then you simply fill the ingredients to the brim and mix them with the other ingredients. But of course, measuring scales are also provided here, which allow smaller values to be read. A set of measuring cups is a useful addition to any cooking aids already available in the household. Here you can have several ingredients ready to be cooked at the same time and in portions. On the other hand, especially with the small cups of the measuring cup set, it is easier to determine and weigh small quantities.

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